Create Big Spaces in Small Homes

The charm and inviting feel of a small home are sought after by many potential homeowners. This works well since new homes are being built smaller to make room for the growing population. Small homes are also easier to clean which is wonderful for people with hectic schedules. One drawback is that rooms can seem a bit too small.

Make Rooms Appear Bigger

Tips to make rooms appear bigger are provided on several blogs and magazine websites. Review some to determine which will work for you home and budget. Some sites recommend renovating common rooms or adding a screened-in porch for more space. That will definitely work but will also cost money. Practical and creative bloggers have some tips that require little to no expense.

Get Organized

Clutter will make the largest of rooms feel cramped. Magazines in a heap on the coffee table, games stacked high on a bookcase shelf, and items from a favorite collection everywhere will not only take up space but can make the room difficult to navigate. Getting organized is the first step to creating more space. Recycle old magazines, store games rarely used in a tote in the basement and choose one or two pieces of that prized collection to display.

If there is furniture not needed contact a same-day rubbish removal service to haul off all the gathered items cluttering up the house. Find one that will hand-load items and separate recycling from rubbish to dispose of everything responsibility. The cost is low and there is no temptation to bring items back into the house.

Another idea that is cost-effective and simple involves lighting. The lighting in a room sets the mood and alters the appearance significantly. A post found at explains that natural lighting is best, so put up thin and lacy curtains or open the curtains wide to let that light shine through. It reduces shadows that can make a room seem smaller than the total dimensions. Rearranging the furniture will make a difference as well. Make sure not to cut rooms in half with a couch or desk because the result is the look of two crowded rooms.