The Great Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Attorney

Once in a while, we all find ourselves in a bind as an adult that requires us to seek legal help. In order to make sure you stay out of jail or possibly beat the new criminal charge you picked up, you will need to contact a criminal defense firm Scottsdale AZ immediately to find out if you can make bail, get the charge dropped, or find any discrepancies in your case. Before deciding to on your case alone, be sure that you are willing to risk doing extra jail time or losing out on money because you refused to contact a professional for help.

Making Bail

If your charges are more severe than a misdemeanor, chances are your bail may be too high for you to pay in cash and you may not get the leniency of a secured bail bond. If this is the case, you may contact a criminal attorney so they can ask for a secondary bail hearing to either have your bail lowered or get something such as a secured bond or a recognizance bail. If you refuse to contact an attorney, chances are you will be sitting in jail until all court proceedings are over.

Getting Your Charges Dropped

Having a criminal lawyer for your case is very beneficial as they are fully trained to look through your case and find anything that could lead to your charges getting dropped. Even if your attorney cannot get your case thrown away, there is always the possibility of the severity of your charge getting dropped from a class D to a class E. Without having a lawyer to help you get your charge dropped or lessened, you will basically be asked to plead guilty or not guilty and once your plea is in, there is no fighting the consequences you will be given.

Finding Discrepancies in Your Case

The greatest benefit of hiring a criminal attorney for your case is that they are professionally trained to go over police reports and all evidence to find as many discrepancies as possible. If enough are found, or even just the right one, there is always the possibility of your case being thrown out. Without an attorney to sift through the paperwork on your case, you can risk overlooking this type of information which means there is little to no chance of you ever beating your case. Once you see the skills a criminal attorney can provide you with, you will have no doubts about the outcome of your case.

Having an attorney to help you make bail, get your charges dropped, and find any discrepancies in your case that could help you is very beneficial if you are looking to get the minimal amount of jail time possible. Without help from an attorney, you can easily find yourself without bail and sitting in jail until all court proceedings are over. Even if you cannot make bail right away, your attorney can request a new bail hearing in hopes to have you released back into the community.